How not to X How to

Two different approaches, a MOB on both.

Lots of mistakes, poor decisions, but above all instructive. "How not to":

Now the "how to". Can you spot the differences?


Photos of the Year

Some of my favourite photos of 2011

Sydney to Hobart Race 2011

Nikon-Walkley nomination for The Daily Telegraph press photos award.
Australian sailor Jessica Watson, the youngest individual to sail unassisted around the world, battles huge seas 60 miles off Sydney on the second last day of her 210-day journey.

The start of the Route du Rhum 2011 - Sailing crowd!
I like this photo because of the huge crowd that went for the start of this race. Who says only soccer can move people?

I'm afraid I can't remember from where did I get this photo but I really like it for the simplicity of it.

 This one was taken by me at the Audi MedCup that took place in Cascais, Portugal, back in May 2011.

I love Sailing

Promoted by RYA, monthly prizes are there for the filmmakers and photographers that can best capture this love about sailing.

You can find some more info here



"There are three kinds of men: The living, the dead and those who walk in the seas."


Between Home

Another single handed sailor I used to follow. He has a great spirit, determination and seems a great guy.
He has his own site http://www.bigoceans.com/ and some great videos at his youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/bigoceansvoyage

Can't wait for his Between Home film to be released!

Between Home is a high spirited, poetic adventure documentary, that chronicle's a young person's rites of passage, from novice sailor to expert in three years of life aged in salt, sun and wind.


Just another day in the office

1 day to go!

Captain John

I'm a big fan of Captain John's Sailing Tips.

Captain John has a youtube channel with lots of interesting and useful "how to..." videos.
Check them here:  Captain John

He also has a website that can be found here



Different and awesome perspective of the 2009 Melges 32 World Championship.


Sun movement and sunlight phases

Very interesting web app


California Sailing

There goes my California Sailing Dream...


I've been following Roger Taylor's voyages from some time now.

He's sailing all over the world aboard his little 21" junk-rigged Corribee since 2006.
For the record, designed by Robert Tucker, the first Corribee was launched in 1965.

Now I have just started reading his last book,  "Mingming & The Art of Minimal  Ocean Sailing", that covers three lengthy voyages in Mingming, including a trip to the Azores and the northern passages.

Like is sailing, he also has a "minimal" site were you can follow his adventures
Simple Sailor

and some youtube videos that can be followed here:
Mingming / Youtube


Survival Mode

This is incredible footage and a reminder about the respect we all should have for the Oceans.
The complete movie - that I trully recomend - is called "Oceans", from Disney Nature.


Audi MedCup 2011

Back into May this year I went to Cascais, in Portugal, to follow this Audi MedCup opening race. I took some photos and for some reason I really like this one that I took with my iPhone.


Scottish do it better?

Sinatra used to drink it. I rather go for an Irish one but what a fantastic TV ad this is!


Dangerous Madness

Accordingly to Yachting Monthly's website, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's latest domestic policy is a plan to seize yachts, as they are owned by wealthy 'fugitive bankers', and use them instead for tourist voyages around his country's coastline.

He also announced on TV that he plans to takeover mansions on Los Rocques, a beautiful Caribbean archipelago off his country's northern coast, popular with yachtsmen and convert them into affordable hotels for domestic tourists.


Living the Dream

This is the best Lottery Ad ever made! (at least for the sailing dreamers out there)


Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012

22 days to go for this exceptional test of sailing prowess and human endeavour. Starting in Alicante on the 29th October 2011 and ending in Galway on the 7th July 2012, this will be an exciting race with full worldwide media coverage and an ambitious marketing and promotional plan.

The action starts now!

more info here: Volvo Ocean Race

You can also read a great quarterly digital mag they're publishing here: Life at the Extreme


What created Earth's Oceans?

According to National Geographic, comet Hartley 2 offers new clues.
Interesting article here National Geographic


Red Tide

Amazing phenomenon

Red tide is a common name for a phenomenon also known as an algal bloom (large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms), an event in which estuarine, marine, or fresh water algae accumulate rapidly in the water column and results in discoloration of the surface water. It is usually found in coastal areas.
@ Wikipedia

The Tall Ships Race 2012

From 19th - 22nd July, race 2 in Lisbon! Can't wait to see all this 15 vessels sailing in the Tagus River.
More info here:
Tall Ships


Global Ocean Race

Global Ocean Race 2011-12 : Home

Only 6 teams competing but what a great adventure!
Right now teams are heading to Cape Town.

And my favorite team is...Financial Crisis...how appropriate. Also their mascot seems to be having great fun racing in the oceans!
According to Sailing Anarchy, "Clubby the seal", the mascot on board "Financial Crisis", last night went off on a violent rampage after reading a media report calling him a "soft toy".



Do you remember when the world didn't know how to measure longitude?
LONGITUDE is one of the most interesting books I've been reading lately.



A very good site for boating knots:


Last year I found this sign in Norway. So true...


Welcome to Sailing Zone.
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